Friday, May 16, 2014

HUSTLE finds success at TUF!

HUSTLE - Glide's sister team - had its inaugural tournament with STELLAR SUCCESS!  Seeded at 11th going in, HUSTLE (well more like 2 lines of Hustle and 1 line of Glide) met up with rivals NoBS who was our pool's first ranked team, meeting them both on day one and day two gave a good gauge on HUSTLEs weekend development.  In game 1 our opponents' defence proved effective and held us to a 9-12 loss despite tenacious effort.  HUSTLE learned a ton, and took it the next 3 games employing a new defensive strategy.  Modifying on the fly our D-line stole the spot light and rolled through opponents with absolute tenacity going 3-1 on the first day.

Day 1 Recap:
- Loss to NoBS 9-12
- Win over Undertow 13-8
- Win over Thunder 14-6
- Win over Max Power 8-6 
On Day 2 HUSTLE was now being commonly referred to as GLIDE despite our many corrections to the contrary. Our first game was against what would become the first place finishers, TRIBE.  This game proved that HUSTLE had earned its name not merely through choice but action.  Much like GLIDE's inaugural season HUSTLE chose to fight to the very end, grinding out a 25+ minute point against what would become the tournament champions.  Unbelievable heart.

Our second game was a much wanted rematch, 4 games later we had learned an enormous amount and HUSTLE took to the field determined.  A much improved performance, HUSTLE grinded point for point scoring the final 2 points on O and D to tie it up at the horn.  Despite a loss on universe it was a solid day.  

A solid tournament, one more game would see us finish 7th, a solid advancement from the original 11th place ranking.
Day 2 Recap
- Loss to Tribe 7-12
- Loss to NoBS 9-10
- Win over Thunder 15-4 
Mixed Teams Final Ranking (original seed)
1. The Tribe (4)
2. Crash (1)
3. Quick & Dirty (8)
4. Smoke (10)
5. Raft (5)
6. NoBS (3)
7. Hustle (11)
8. Thunder (14)
9. Local 613 (2)
10. Max Power (7)
11. Undertow (6)
12. Skerj(9)
13. Hubris (12)
14. Three Days in Mexico with Britney Spears(15)
15. BULLDOGS (13)
16. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (16)