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Scorekeeping sites:
USA Score Reporter

Associations we're a part of:

Blogs We Read:

Vendors We've Bought From:

Tournaments We Attend (in some incarnation):
CHEO BBQ (Ottawa)
Britannia Beach (Ottawa)
Mixed Up (Ottawa)
Goosebowl (Kingston)
Harvest (Peterborough)
Comedy of Errors (Montreal)
Ontario Regionals (North Bay)

Photos We're In:
Glide Pics Page

Teams We Play Against:
BigFish (Ottawa)
BunnyThugs (Saskatoon)
Bytown Flatball Club (Ottawa)
MuD (Guelph)
Odyssée (Montreal)
Powerpack (Vancouver)
Prodigy (Hamilton)
Unight (Montreal)
Union (Toronto)
Wannabago (Montreal)
Whiplash (Waterloo)
Wreckhouse (Newfoundland)

Articles We Have Read:
"Ultimate Recognition" - in The Economist (October 2013)