Sunday, July 6, 2014

GLIDE takes NUMBER 1 at Comedy

GLIDE won its first major tournament at Comedy of Errors 2014 in Montreal!
Day One had us in a tough pool. We narrowly scraped out an indoor win against MagnetX, then fell on universe point to both Bebop and Crash. Seeded 3rd in our pool, we won a crossover against MaxPower and our common enemy, the flying poplar fluff!
We came into Day 2 matched up against 1st-seed Tribe Ultimate. The lessons learned on Day 1 really paid off; Glide came out with our strongest start yet, taking the game 15-4 to move into the Top 4 bracket.
We faced Undertow (YARRR) in the semis, once again seeing that zone that we remember so well from 2013. This year, we were ready for it, taking the game 11-6. We met Local 613 in the finals. These guys made a scary comeback, but Glide managed to stop their momentum to win the final 15-12.
Some highlight reel plays from the weekend:
1) Universe point against Bebop. We turn the disc, chaos ensues as we try to pick up on D. Their speedy fast guy bolts towards the endzone corner. He's wide open. Handler puts up the disc - everyone is thinking "it's over, he's going to catch the disc in the endzone. we're toast". Out of nowhere, Karyne emerges in front of the guy and pulls out a wicked layout D. Safe for now!

2) Final game. Local 613 seems to be catching up with a few consecutive points.... we need to score. We're on O. The disc is up in the air, Eric goes up for it and fumbles it as he's jostled by the defender - it's a turn right by the line and there's a collective sigh as we now need to get that disc back. Dude with the disc winds up for a huck and releases, and BLAMO - Eric gets a layout handblock to get the disc back for us. We score the point!

We had a heck of weekend; thanks to the tournament organizers and our competitors - see you all at Ontario Regionals 2014!!!